Healing & Empowerment Session 

Sacred Ceremony for connecting directly with Source. You are invited to relax and let go as you open to receive divine          guidance, healing and self-empowerment as directed by your Higher Self and Spirit Team. Within this sacred space              Terri Ann is a clear channel, supporting your body, mind and heart through divine love to self heal, regenerate and restore harmony. Welcoming you to live in your greatest joy, health and prosperity with courage and graceEach session is unique and intuitive. Sacred tools including sound vibration, guided imagery, breath of life, crystals, essential oils and oracle cards may be used. 

Healing & Empowerment Session $111

Healing & Empowerment Session with Massage $144

Purchase a package of 4 sessions and save 15%

Radiance Facial with Energy Healing $144
Awaken your radiance from within as you enjoy the uplifting aromas and effects 
of natural ingredients, rejuvenating massage and energy balancing. 
Experience deep relaxation, lightness and a beautiful glow.
Our natural beauty truly is a reflection of our inner
environment, as we release tension, balance 
emotions and energy our youthful 
spirit begins to shine.

Energy Healing, Massage & Radiance Facial $222
This lovely combination of intuitively guided energy healing, massage and 
regeneration for the skin brings an expanded state of awareness and 
bliss. As you drift into the realm of spirit and connect with your 
higher Self layers of tension and stress melt away. 
Igniting your light within and joy of life. 

Mini sessions are available upon request

Specialization for Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum, Loss, Grief and Trauma

Distance sessions available

7 Reasons to experience Energy Healing
1. Releases energy blockages allowing you to feel light, bright, happy and energized.
2. Clears stress and tension in the mind & body to facilitate deeper relaxation.
3. Accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal itself & increases vitality.
4. It can help with acute injuries, chronic health issues & pain relief. 
5. It helps clear negative emotional and mental thought patterns.
6. Greater awareness & understanding of yourself and others.
7. Helps transform anxiety, worry, anger, fear & irritability.

Energy Healing is meant to be a complimentary modality to western medicine.

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