Healing & Empowerment Session 

Sacred Ceremony for connecting directly with Source Consciousness. You are invited to relax and let go as you open to receive  divine guidance, healing and self-empowerment as directed by your Higher Self and Spirit Guides. Within sacred space Terri Ann is a clear channel, supporting your body, mind and heart through divine love, to self heal, regenerate and restore harmony. Welcoming you to live in your greatest joy, health, peace and prosperity with courage and grace.  As directed by your Higher Self and your pure intention, you may choose to awaken Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine qualities within you, activate the spiritual technology of your crystalline chromosomes ~DNA and Angel Wings. Each session is uniquely intuitive and in alignment with the highest good of all. Choose to incorporate Sound Healing with quartz crystal singing bowls, Yoga, Meditation, Massage or chakra activation to increase energy, release tension and expand awareness. Various spiritual tools may be shared.

Healing & Empowerment $111  

Elemental Healing™ 

A new energy healing modality that brings you into communication with the consciousness of Mother Earth and her elemental kingdoms for greater health, healing and empowerment. The system was created in 2019 by Calista and George Lizos from their personal experiences with the nature beings as well as nature's direct teachings.   Receiving a treatment of Elemental Healing™ can create profound shifts in your consciousness, and can support you to feel more focused, confident and connected to your intuitive self.

A session of Elemental Healing™ may include hands-on healing, guided meditations, energy attunements and a catered variety of spiritual practices to help joy, health, love and abundance to flow freely in your life. As energy is drawn from the primal elements of earth, air, fire, water and spirit you'll invariably feel in greater balance and harmony with life following a treatment, and may enjoy a deeper affinity with nature, too.  Elemental Healing™ is undergoing formal registration and is the first nature-based healing system to draw from all the elements and elementals of nature. It was created to support both personal and planetary ascension. Each treatment of Elemental Healing™ is as sacred as it is profound with sessions catered to meet the intentions of the recipient. In each treatment, a trained practitioner connects with the appropriate elements and elemental energies to meet their client's needs and to bring about health, healing and empowerment where it's best needed, be that on a physical or non-physical level.

Certified Elemental Healing™ Practitioner Terri Ann Gilbert offers In Person and Distance Elemental Healing™ Treatments and Meditations for individuals and groups at various locations. Recommendations ~ Bring your awareness to your heart centre, connect with your breath and set your intention. Have purified water with you to receive the blessings of high vibrational energy activating your water. Drinking plenty of water after your treatment will help you ground, hydrate and feel connected as you flow through the rest of your day and week with ease and grace. Setting time aside to journal your experience awakens your awareness to all that you have received and supports you in revisiting this resonance. If you are preparing for a Distance Elemental Healing™ Session, find a comfortable place that is private and quiet. You may wish to create a sacred space by having fresh flowers, candles, essential oils and relaxing music. Invite your body, heart and mind into receptivity.

Elemental Healing™  ~ $88+ (starting at 44 minutes)    

Intuitive Yoga ~ A heart centred spiritual practice that is intuitively guided to offer your awareness the opportunity to connect with your Higher Self, Source and Mother Earth to receive support for your health, healing, energy activation and happiness. Experience the joy of movement, self expression and alignment with the intelligence of your body.  Improve flexibility, strength, stability and concentration.  Clear your mind with The Breath of Life and create space for peace, creativity and inspiration to flow.   Learn yoga, relaxation, breath work and meditation that enlightens your body, heart and mind.  Suitable for all ages and levels. Kundalini Yoga & Meditation based practice. Classes may include Sound Healing with quartz crystal singing bowl or other spiritual tools and techniques.

Virtual Session ~ $66+(starting at 33 minutes)

Meditation ~ Experience peace of mind, expanded consciousness and increased energy. Soften to release stress, anxiety and tension as you learn to lovingly accept, honour and balance emotions.  Regain a sense of empowerment, grace and courage as you begin to flow through change and embrace with life. Enjoy a heart centred intuitive spiritual practice of conscious breath work, mantras/sound vibrations,  mudras/pressure points and/or guided imagery to cultivate loving acceptance, gratitude and compassion.  Cultivate confidence, relaxation and patience, while creating space for intuitive guidance, creativity, joy and spiritual awakening. Embody your Higher Self and the joy of aligning with Unity Consciousness and living in your highest potential.

Virtual Session ~ $22+(starting at 11 minutes)


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