Massage ~ for all ages

Soul Light Massage & Traditional Thai                                          

90 minute                                              $155  

75 minute                                              $133             

60 minute                                               $111

45 minute                                               $88               

30 minute                                               $70     


Add hot stones to deepen relaxation          $27                                    

Radiance Facial & Full Body Massage    
2 hours                                                   $244

Radiance Facial * Holistic Skin Care        $155
Awaken your radiance from the inside out. Delight in a blissful experience of pure relaxation, guided energy healing meditation, massage, and rejuvenation. Feel your connection with Mother Earths sacred heart and deepen this relationship of support, nurturing and vitality. As you soften into receptivity and embody the truth of your sovereign divinity. Perfectly customized for you.

100% natural Delizioso skincare and Divine Essence organic essential oils ignite your skin with the living life force of nature.
Our natural beauty truly is a reflection of our inner radianceAs we release tension, activate our divine vessel and embody our High Self, light shines through our eyes, smile and even our skin. 

Leave feeling illuminated, refreshed, and inspired by your unique expression of divinity. 75 minutes

Soul Light Massage * A beautiful fusion of Thai, Swedish, and Intuitive Massage techniques, with a guided journey to relax your body, align your mind and heart while activating your soul. Rhythmic movements, rocking compressions, and soothing touch of healing hands eases away tension and stress as energy moves more freely creating an environment of harmony to support self-healing and rejuvenation. Pure organic essential oils awaken your senses as your skin is nourished, illuminating your inner radiance. Offered on a massage table.

Traditional Thai Massage * An ancient healing therapy from Thailand. The therapist uses slow rhythmic movements, compresses and stretches providing a powerful, healing experience. The client is wearing loose, comfortable clothing, as this treatment is offered on a floor mat. Thai massage is both relaxing and energizing. 

Hot Stones *
Journey into a deep state of relaxation. Smooth, heated lava stones create a delicious treatment of pure bliss, relaxing your entire body, mind, and spirit.


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