Terri Ann Radiance is an Intuitive Energy Activator, Healer, Leader, Creatrix and Teacher. Offering Holistic Health and Wellness services at Essentials and virtually worldwide.

Channeling and partnering with Nature Spirits, Elements, Angels, Unicorns, Ascended Masters, and Light Councils. Terri Ann supports individuals and the collective conscious of humanity to live in harmony, joy, peace, abundance, and playful co-creation with the magick of life.

It is Terri Ann’s greatest joy and honour to support and inspire others to embody their sovereign divinity, activate the light of their soul and live their soul mission, anchoring heaven on earth as a community drawn together by love.

Sharing practical tools, techniques, and intuitively guided journeys to align chakras, activate your soul frequency, and spiritual technology, while tuning-in to the intelligence of the body, to self-heal, regenerate, and balance divine feminine and divine masculine energies within.

“When we create daily rituals to love and nurture all the places and spaces within us that have been calling out for our attention, we open our human awareness to experience the happiness, bliss and prosperity that is our birthright. We cultivate clarity, loving acceptance, unconditional compassion, and peace of mind to live in our greatest joy and highest potential.

As we align with Source Conscious, feel supported by Mother Earth and divine love, we begin to embody the radiance of our Higher Self. Illuminating our eyes, smile and skin with the light of our Soul. We flow through life with courage and grace, sharing our unique expression of divinity”.

Infinite love and blessings,

Terri Ann Radiance 💖


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