Angel Healing® is a hands-on healing modality that brings us into direct communication with the angels and awakens our own angelic presence. The system was born in 2009 through Calista under guidance from Archangel Raphael and Archeia Virtue – the angel of truth and healing. Combing health and empowerment techniques from the angelic realms, this beautiful modality opens the door to knowing your divinity and living its grace every day.

Receiving a treatment of Angel Healing® can create profound shifts in consciousness, as well as increase health, wellbeing and a sense of coming home. Whether upliftment is the intention, or healing, deeper clarity, joy or love, the angels can hold sacred space and reflect whatever is highest and best to be received in the moment. The angels come through in every session to support you to make the changes that will best support you and your life.

Angel Healing® is a registered form of angel therapy in the UK and is growing worldwide. It is the only angelic system that brings in, and directly attunes practitioners to both the Archangels and the Archeia (female Archangels) to support your life path and spiritual ascension. Angel Healing® Certified Practitioner ~ Terri Ann Radiance 

A Global Soul Offering ~ Received in the comfort of your home, live on zoom or in person.

If you are preparing for a Virtual Session, find a comfortable place that is private and quiet. You may wish to create a sacred space by having fresh flowers, candles, essential oils and relaxing music. Invite your body, heart and mind into receptivity.

$133/45 min.


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